Hello and Welcome

Firstly, as most of you know the CodserieS.one Pavlov server was formally supeR gaming servers. Due to inactivity of players and also myself the owner i decided to close the servers. I had a few messages from people wanting the Pavlov server to return so i put it back online under a new name.

The server hasn’t been the most active but it does get players. I have been asked about putting the player stats back up as a lot of people did like this. I will be adding stats again shortly and see if it makes a difference.

Secondly, a lot of admins have now become inactive on the server, to get rid of cheaters we need some more admins to come in and help with this. (preferably people with good English) If the server does well over the next couple of weeks i may look at expanding by adding more servers and adding content to the website.